Show Schedule, Friday, August 13

Dairy, poultry and goat check-in         5:00 PM

Poultry Show                                 6:00 PM

Goat Show                                    6:00 PM

Dairy Show                                   7:00 PM


Show Schedule, Saturday, August 14

Beef and sheep check-in                   9:00 AM

Beef Show                                    10:00 AM

Sheep Show                                  12:00 noon


General Guidelines:

Contact the Grayson County Extension office for registration information at 276.773.2491 or

  • Registration documentation must be provided for purebred classes at check-in.

  • All youth exhibitors, adult chaperones, parents and spectators will be respectful to, and celebrate all youth exhibitors. Any individual(s) displaying inappropriate conduct will be asked to leave the premises.

  • No wash facilities available on site. Animals must be washed prior to the show.

  • Each exhibitor is expected to properly care for his or her animals while on exhibit.

  • Animals found to be unhealthy or harboring some stage of disease will be asked to leave the grounds immediately.

  • No intact males shall be allowed to show except for poultry.

  • Meal vouchers will be provided to youth exhibitors for one free meal.

  • Youth showmanship classes are based on age of exhibitor as of January 1 of current year.